Warner Bros. Man of Steel had a record-breaking June opening,earning $125.1 million to take the No. 1 spot in the weekend box office. The movie grabbed the largest opening for a June flick, and $196.7 million globally.

Over four days, Man of Steel took in $12 million–from special Wal-Mart screenings Thursday (June 13)– $44 million a day later followed by two $36.3 million weekend days. It also clocked an A+ Cinema score, and appealed to a mostly male (56 percent) and over-30  audiences (62 percent).

Internationally, the superhero film performed well in S. Korea ($9.9 million), Mexico ($9.8), the U.K. ($17.1 million), and other markets.

Produced by Chris Nolan, of The Dark Knight fame, Man of Steel is already outpacing last summer’s blockbuster Batman film by 40 percent. The $225 million adaptation of Superman creator Jerry Siegel’s story, is a deviation from prior films, but offered similar religious undertones, and was released exactly 30 years after Christopher Reeve’s Superman III.

Elsewhere in the weekend box office was fellow new release The End taking second place with $20.5 million, while Morgan’s Freeman’s Now You See Me took in $10.3 million, Fast & Furious 6 did $9.4 million, and The Purge, rounding out the top five at $8.2 million.

Photo:  Warner Bros.


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