Before today, the idea of there being an Independence Day sequel sans Will Smith was utterly ridiculous. Our sentiments remain the same now that we know such will be the case when a second installment releases July 2015.

This isn’t to say that director Roland Emmerich is cooking up a double flopper with cheese. Independence Day 2 could very well be high quality, but history shows that major cast changes can mark the end of any future for your film franchise.

With that in mind, consider this list to be a walk down memory lane and a precautionary tale for those on the brink of making such drastic changes. Each of the movies featured saw their blockbuster dreams deflate like a true fiend’s weight the moment new actors took on classic roles. That’s too bad, because a lot of these films had much promise.

Here’s to hoping Independence Day 2 won’t end up in the same boat. Check out the list below.

Photo: Borys Kit

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