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Today, Nike revealed NBA superstar Kevin Durant’s sixth signature shoe, the KD VI. With it came a new marketing campaign, affectionately titled the #SUMMERISSERIOUS. The hilarious one minute spot is reminiscent to some of the classic commercials to come out of the house the Phil Knight built and legendary advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy’s think tank.

This inspired an initially brief, but ultimately lengthy trip to YouTube to check out some of our favorite Nike ads.

The company that brought consumers countless legendary products have also provided equally impressive promotional pushes over the years. We have a well documented affinity for basketball, so we decided to focus our efforts there.

Before you get your feathers in a bunch, be aware that this list won’t include any Nike Air Jordan ads. Cool? Cool.

With that out of the way, see where Nike is going with Durant’s #SUMMERISSERIOUS ad below. Then sit back, relax, and take a trip down memory lane with 10 classic Nike Basketball commercials on the following pages.

Photo: YouTube

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