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Nardwuar and his zany interview style never gets old. In a recent chat with Fabolous, the Human Serviette chops it up with the rapper, covering topics like strip club cuisine, growing up in New York, his favorite rappers and more.

Fab was in Nardwuar’s native Vancouver for the interview, noticeably laid back as shades covered his eyes. Although Nardwuar did manage to get a few muted chuckles from the Brooklyn native, the interview was tame compared to others in the past.

As is tradition, Nardwuar came bearing gifts in the form of obscure treats. The first was a special edition of Kool G Rap and DJ Polo’s debut album, Road To The Riches. Fab also broke down his love of food, shouting out Manhattan’s Sons Of Essex and Junior’s in his home borough.

The interview takes a delightful left turn after Nardwuar impressively rattles off a series of famous New York strip clubs, many of which Fab was familiar of. The expression “turn up” was also mentioned as a brief aside, which also offered the first moments of Fab breaking character. The conversation began to hit rabbit hole levels of weirdness when the pair talked about dining at the gentlemen clubs, however.

Nardwuar’s impressive research skills were on display again, this after producing a Masta Ace jigsaw puzzle. The gift impressed Fab, who said he has to “step his game up” after seeing the puzzle.

Check out the full interview of Nardwuar vs. Fabolous below.

Photo: YouTube