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Here’s one way to ensure that you won’t get hired: rob the place where you’re applying for a job.

You did it again, Florida.

When Anthony J. Thomas walked through the doors of Martin Oil in Ocala, Fla. Tuesday (July 9) morning, he wanted to kill two birds with one stone. The 33-year-old hit up the location at 10 a.m. and was caught on tape reaching into the cash register and stealing $130, right after filling out a job application. Thomas then ran away thinking he just got over on the system, and maybe picked up a new gig.

He was wrong.

Two pivotal mistakes landed the criminal behind bars. For one, he put all of his personal information on the application (just in case they needed to reach him, of course), secondly, his petty crime was done directly in front of  a camera (seriously who doesn’t know that gas stations have video surveillance? They’re always getting robbed.)

Cops charged Thomas with petit theft, burglary,  and resisting arrest with violence.

Needless to say, he’s also wasn’t hired.