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Is he a serious rapper playing the fool or the other way around? That’s one of the questions many have regarding the self-proclaimed “Neon Icon” and Mad Decent artist, RiFF RaFF. In a recent interview, Jody Highroller talks about his authenticity as a rapper, his upcoming debut album, and the lawsuit against the makers of Spring Breakers

Already a buzzing name in the industry despite the division over his talents, RiFF RaFF became a larger part of the conversation after Hot 97’s Ebro Darden flagged the Texas native as a poseur playing at being a rapper. RiFF RaFF, in his typically colorful fashion, addressed Ebro and other doubters in an interview with the Huffington Post.

From the Huffington Post:

People who are questioning me or wondering if I’m real or fake — I’m confused by those questions,” the performer said. “What do you mean? Have I ever fumbled the ball?! That’s my question. If I’m scoring 50 a game and people are like, ‘Oh, that’s a fluke,’ I’m like, what do you mean?! I’m scoring 50 a f-cking game, the stats are right here. The proof is right here, I’ve never fumbled the ball. I don’t think anyone is putting as much effort as me.

Speaking of that effort, RiFF RaFF’s debut album, Neon iCON, will drop sometime next month with the helpf of his label boss, Diplo. “He’s more like a guidance counselor,” says RiFF RaFF of letting the DJ and producer work his magic. “I’m on this side with him, you know what I mean?”

RiFF RaFF got in one last dig at Hot 97 and Darden, saying, “I thought the other guy was just an intern who was just taking notes and watching the pros do it. But that’s another story; that’s not The Huffington Post, that’s D-league Hot 97 stuff.

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