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2001, marked the year of many historical events in the music industry as well as the world.

Jay-Z introduced us to the classic known as The Blueprint and the world was given the first taste of the MC that spelled his name F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S. Tragically, the terrorist attacks that destroyed the Twin Towers and brought New York on hard times were also an event of 2001.

Another event, however, that was in the works, but never came to fruition was the release of Q-Tip’s disc, Kamaal the Abstract while he was an artist on Arista Records. That is, until now.

As 2009 has seen such great releases as Eminem, Method Man and Redman, Joe Budden and even more acts to anticipate, Q-Tip can add his name for albums to expect before the close of the year. After releasing the critically acclaimed, The Renaissance, in 2008, the artist will serve another dose on September 15, according to reports.

The upcoming project will have him behind the wheel of production for the entirety of the album.

As years have come and gone, it only makes sense that the sound be revamped slightly. With that said, there will be a new sound as the disc will be remixed and remastered. Some things, however, will not change as the original cover from ’01 will still be appearing for the ’09 release.

In 2004, in an interview with, Q-Tip voiced his disappointment with the record not being released. He felt as though L.A. Reid didn’t know how to handle the album. He compared the sound of his musical work to that of Outkast when they released the Speakerboxxx/The Love Below double album which went diamond.

In terms of how it will be distributed, the disc will be coming via Battery Records. According to Neil Levine, a representative from Battery Records, the sound of the album will be more contemporary now than they were when initially created.

Now although some fans may feel as though the past should be left there, in terms of the sound in music, this is Q-Tip and sometimes the past must be dug back up.