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Now that the New Year has begun one last “top decades list” is surfacing, this time topped by one of the biggest R&B stars in history.

Mariah Carey is topping the “Top Songs of the Decade” list with 2005’s hit “We Belong Together” based on record sales, radio play and streaming.

Unbeknownst to many, the song was actually co-written by So So Def Founder and Atlanta, G-A’s finest, Jermaine Dupri.

JD penned the song with Mariah and he tells 

HitsDaily Double they wrote the song on the spot in the studio.

We wrote it together. Most of the time when I make records with Mariah, I basically write them while she’s there in the studio. She’s a super-prolific writer…she gives me the vibe for the kind of record she’s looking for, then we start playing different chords and keys to see where we’re headed….”

He also says that he was surprised the song had so much crossover appeal and would have never thought It would be the song of the decade.

“I’m really speechless that the song was able to connect to so many different people. My style of production does not sound like pop music when you first hear it….In my mind, it doesn’t sound like the song of the decade–it’s too different. It doesn’t sound like anything else.”

JD was also named one of the top producers of the decade, coming in on the list at #9.