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Stephen Colbert known for his unique take on current events and sometimes off-putting sense of humor has taken an interest in Kanye West’s most recent design work. A recent segment of The Colbert Report began with a brief introduction to Yeezy’s collaboration with A.P.C., which leads to Colbert clowning the brand’s $120 t-shirt.

“That’s right Kanye West has a clothing line, but not shoes and handbags he leaves that to his sister, Nine (West),” says Colbert.

Soon after he goes off on a tirade about the collection white T-shirt, which Colbert makes sure to point out is actually the “Hip-Hop T-shirt.” He sarcastically describes the shirts defining characteristics to justify its price tag, such as being made of 100% cotton with “ribbing at the neckline” and “short sleeves.”

Reading between the lines you can see Colbert’s stance on West’s collection. Since the Louis Vuitton Don set the precedent, Colbert follows suit, announcing he’s having a “Hip-Hop yard sale” and he is selling tube socks priced at $75.00, among items.

Check out the video below.

Photo- Comedy Central