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Malik Taylor, a married high school teacher at Manhattan’s Business of Sports School, had unprotected sex with four of his students, investigation findings claim.  The Queens, NY resident also sent inappropriate text messages to his conquests ranging from ages 16-19, and sexually harassed others.

According to a report from the Special Commissioner of Investigation, Taylor slept with students (the youngest of which was 16) over a dozen times, and even proposed a threesome.  Only one of the girls turned down his advances. Taylor allegedly sent a text message asking to “f–k” the “s–t” out of her, but she declined. He responded by asking if could “at least” suck on her breasts.

The encounters went down in classrooms, motels around New York City’s five borough’s, and his car.

In another incident, involving a victim identified as “Student E,” Taylor said “You know how I recognize you?” then turned her around and pointed at her backside.

Until last May Taylor worked as a community assistant and a dean before assistant principal Rosa Choi was tipped off to his perverted ways. A student spilled the beans to one of her teacher’s, who intern told Choi. Word of his exploits spread  to other girls that didn’t know they were one of many in the sex-crazed educator’s list of affairs.

Taylor admitted to his bad deeds, and is eligible to work in other city schools but he probably won’t be getting hired because his case has been referred to district attorneys in Manhattan and Brooklyn.