The Most Racist Song Ever

Titling your attempt at masterful musicianship the “Most Racist Song Ever,” is a big attempt at composing a big eff-you to any bleeding-heart liberal. Their passionate cantations of “The Most Racist Song Ever” sparked the ire of those who are resistant to conformity. While this band is hard to search for, their lyrics are not. With such touching lines as “Jig-a-boo, ni–er, coon, spearchucker, bootlip, spook, wetback, spic, chink,” you would think that they were trying to sonically give birth to a new nation. The Bleeding Vaginas fully supported their own stance, and with the attention of “tar babies” and “dotheads” around the world, it seems that “The Most Racist Song Ever” is a pretty strong attempt at being just that.

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