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Sunday morning church services are a time where churchgoers go to recharge their batteries spiritually. Along with hearing the good word, a life lesson or two may be shared. However, a church choir upped the ante by singing to its visitors to keep their personal business off Facebook.

A Twitter user by the name of @KINGof334MOBB uploaded a video via the RapStarPromo website last week of an unnamed church service in session. During the clip, the choir leader launches into a soulful anti-Facebook song with the refrain, “You need to keep your business off of Facebook” complete with the backing drums, harmonizing vocals and organ.

As the parishioners sway in the aisle, the lead vocalist then sings, “The pictures that you post/You need to quit it, because you doin’ the most” before launching back into the chorus.

Our favorite part: “Sundays you act like a saint/But your Facebook posts say you ain’t.”

Check out the entire clip below. A warning: @Kingof334MOBB’s profile pic is NWS.

[Props To The Awesomer]

Photo: YouTube