This story oozes struggle. LeBron James’ mother Gloria James has a new significant other, and by no means is that the issue. However, her beau happens to be a Miami rapper named Lambo. Yes, you read that right, but here’s the kicker — he’s only three years older than her son.

This follows rumors of Ms. James’ alleged fling with LeBron’s former teammate Delonte West. But unlike that situation, there’s concrete evidence of this relationship all over the rapper’s Instagram account.

In fact, it looks like Lambo (hate that we have to call him that) has infiltrated the James family. The most recent photos on his IG account show him looking very chummy with the NBA Superstar, his fiancee Savannah, his championship ring, Miami Heat players, and of course, Ms. James herself.

One picture is captioned, “#I Neva had a role model until I met @kingjames @Thanks Big Homie@Life is about being positive.” Again, you read that right.

From what we can tell, the Dade County local definitely has an affinity for not-so-humble stunting via videos he posts with his partners in rhyme. See what we’re talking about in the gallery on the following pages.

Photo: Instagram

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