Even as the world has continued to try and bury the music career of G-Unit General 50 Cent, he continues to climb from the grave that people have tried to throw him in.

Since the release of 2003’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’, rapper 50 Cent has seen a slow decline in sales, as well as popularity in terms to when he first shook up the Hip-Hop arena. His following album, The Massacre, was shunned on because it didn’t come as “hardcore” as his debut. The following, Curtis, was considered to be a flop as the sales couldn’t equate to its predecessors.

Even with these facts, 50 Cent still holds that he stands alone on the mountain and is still reigning supreme in the Hip-Hip game.

In relation to Lil Wayne, who he has continuously tried to bait for a rap beef, Jackson has stated that Lil Wayne’s latest, and most successful, The Carter III, still doesn’t hold a candle to the work he has put in. Although Lil Wayne sold 1 million in one week, Jackson reminds people of the fact that he sold over 10 million on each of his first two albums.

With the release of his latest street mixtape, The War Angel LP, as well as the upcoming Forever King on July 7, 50 Cent is bringing back the hardcore edge to the Hip-Hop scene.

With September only around the corner, Before I Self Destruct is slated to be the mark to return Hip-Hop to its gritty feel.

The music video to the street single, Ok, You’re Right, was released online Wednesday.

Let’s just hope that he hits the mark with this one, because unlike his debut, he has no hit, but is still trying.

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