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Be warned, this story is soaked in obscene levels of struggle. Former NBA star Steve Francis apparently got choked out at a club in Houston by current NBA free agent Stephen Jackson aka Stak 5, when in rapper mode

Project Spurs reports:

It may not have been the “Malice at the Palace” but former San Antonio Spurs forward Stephen Jackson got into a scuffle with former NBA guard Steve Francis.

Jackson, who also has a rap career, was doing his thing on the mic at a night club when Francis decided to steal some of the spotlight from “Stak 5”.

In the video below, check out Jackson rapping to the crowd when Francis is standing behind him and seems to get into words with someone else. That’s when the scuffle begins as the video quickly shows Jackson choking Francis (at 25:30 point) as the crowd is trying to separate the two.

And as if getting choked out wasn’t bad enough, Francis gets put in handcuffs.

A few more things worth noting about this footage.

1. There were boatloads of strippers at this party.

2. Stephen Jackson is rocking a tee shirt that says “I Am Port Arthur.” Whether Bun B would approve is debatable.

3. The look of disappointment in Stevie Franchise’s face when he realizes that not only is he getting booted from the party, but he will do so in handcuffs, is the epitome of struggle.

This all happened sometime in early August. Watch it all go down below.

Photo: YouTube