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When it comes to Tupac Shakur – Hip-Hop’s most beloved and controversial figure of all-time – the life and experiences of the man who accomplished more in 25 years than some do in three lifetimes are about as well documented as one will find on a celebrity. The hypocrisy in his messages at times made him more relatable. The intensity in his interviews and songs revealed a young man still attempting to find his way in the world.

And his death, to this very day, hovers over music as a black cloud with no true answer as to why on the horizon.

Debating Pac’s place in rap’s hierarchy of the greatest ever is another conversation for another time. The final moments of his life and the events afterward, however, depict as much confusion as they do tragedy. Seventeen years to the afternoon he took his final breath in Las Vegas’ Bellevue Hospital, questions still linger as to why Shakur had his life ended in such violent fashion.
These next 10 statements provide less-talked about facts in regards to the life and death of Tupac Amaru Shakur.

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