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Last week, Kanye West went on a rant at a Pusha T listening session where animatedly bigged up his G.O.O.D. Music artist and hurled shots at corporate America. Reportedly, Yeezy’s candor may have cost him some deals he’s been seeking out with the same people he sh*tted on.

Reports the New York Post:

We hear West is seeking sponsors for his various creative endeavors, including his guerrilla-style music performances, art installations and fashion line. But West hosted a listening party last week for Pusha T’s new album, “My Name Is My Name,” at Industria Studios, and commandeered the microphone to embark on a expletive-filled rant against “corporations” and “sellouts.”

“I don’t give a [bleep] about none of these corporations, none of these [bleep] sellouts, this [bleeping] Pusha T,” he yelled.

Even worse West admitted he was “a little off that Goose right now,” supposedly referring to Grey Goose during his rant — even though the party was sponsored by Hennessy. Then the next day, West missed a Hennessy-sponsored birthday party for rapper Nas, which left Hennessy brass disappointed, sources told us.

Although the aforementioned entity may feel a certain way, we call b.s. on West being able to score a corporate deal (“Sponsors are scared away because he’s so unpredictable,” said one of the Post’s sources). Mainly because as long as your business partner can make money off you, you can pretty much say anything you want. Money always trumps all in these sort of things. The same people that made money off Public Enemy during their heyday, are gladly making off any profitable nihilistic rapper you can name since Pro-Black rap stopped selling well.

Also, Yeezy has been ranting and raving for years and it hasn’t exactly slowed his success. Arguably may have helped Kanye West turn into the Hip-Hop and Pop star he is now.

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