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The NBA regular season is a long one. While there are sure to be some hard fought games early on, the ante is really raised after the all-star festivities. Kevin Durant and Dwayne Wade‘s competitive rivalry, which has been recently highlighted in a series of Degree deodorant commercials, just got real, and pre-season hasn’t even started yet.

In a recent interview with CineSport’s Noah Coslov, Durant discussed Sports Illustrated’s “Top 10 Players To Watch For” in the 2013-14 NBA season. Naturally LeBron James snatched the number one spot, with KD grabbing number two. When asked by Coslov who would he add and remove from the list, Durant stated that he would add his former teammate James Harden and remove Dwyane Wade, who landed at number eight on the list.

Shortly after the video interview was posted yesterday (September 24), Dwayne Wade took to his Instagram account to respond to Durant in a very direct message, posting a note that read, “Kevin Durant said James Harden should replace me in the Top 10… *Note to self* Make him respect my place in history.. …again…”.

Not to back down Durant sent out a subliminal tweet that was clearly directed at the Miami Heat guard saying “Show me don’t tweet me..”.

While some are speculating this might be a gimmick to further fuel their dual Degree deodorant advertising campaign, fans remember that Wade’s Miami Heat trumped Durant’s Thunder team in the 2012 NBA Finals. Their first game is January 29th 2014 at Miami.

Peep the following pages to view the interview that set things off and the individual player responses via social media. Also let us know who you got on a one on on game in the comments section.

UPDATE: Wade’s Miami Heat teammate Udonis Haslem takes to Instagram to side against Durant.

Photos: Instagram, Twitter, CineSports

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