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Damn who knew?  Everyone knows that Warren G was the center piece who connected Dre and Snoop and the history that followed but Warren G recently discussed with about being dissed by his own crew and not giving his proper credit.

Revealing the hurt and why he signed with Def Jam instead of Death Row, The G-Child stated,

“I had to survive.  At that time I wasn’t surviving.  I was there and I put in a lot of work.  It was a family effort, it was all of us but it just wasn’t working.  It was certain things that would happen and I wasn’t involved and I just felt left out.  And I was hurt too at the same time because these are the guys that I love and I really don’t think till this day these ni**as realize how much love that I have for them.  I ain’t never cut neither one of their throats, never.  But it’s done been guys that  done cut ni**as throat and talk Shyte and do this and do that but I haven’t done that.  I ride or die with these ni**as but I just wish that we could really have a lot of success together.”

Some of the bullying tactics that Dre let go down included Warren having to share his hit “Regulate” as it had to also appear on the Death Row soundtrack for “Above The Rim” in order to clear Nate Dogg’s appearance.  I guess Suge had his hands around Dre’s throat at the time which prevented him from speaking up and protecting his young homey.    Warren further discussed the shady vibes from his crew as he added,

“I had a lot of fun with Death Row but I was hurt.   Everybody got a Death Row jacket and I didn’t get Shyte.   That Shyte hurt but I just said I gotta do my thing.  And Dre was like you gotta be your own man (so I went to Def jam) and that hurt me too because ni**a I’m trying to be with you.  But till this day that’s my guy and I really don’t think he realize how much love I got for him.  I don’t know if that’s the reason we haven’t done a song together but I do know that he got my back.”

Don’t sweat it Warren G.  As Cube once told your big brother, “Stick to producing.”  You’re still one of the best producers in the game… period.  Start shopping them tracks and your name will ring out louder too.   Hell, make your own Detox and give it to the people because the only person anticipating your brother’s release is him.

Either Shyte or get off the pot.  Drop the album already…

Peep the video below as Warren discusses his shady crew.