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Sure, the culture is about boom-bap and fresh rhymes, but we’re also known to be ill in the head sometimes.

After legendary rhyme-veteran Ice Cube released his Halloween-themed video, “Sasquatch,” we began to look back at the downright demented and scary videos the culture has released over its storied history.

While it’s hardly the first time a rapper has taken Michael Myers and used the character to frighten an audience, these hair-raising rap videos left an indelible mark on all those who watched these hauntingly horrifying visuals.

Don’t watch these with the lights off, as we list the 15 Scariest Rap Videos of All-Time.

Photo: YouTube

We kick things off with the Hitchcockian stylings of Mr. Kanye-to-the:

Kanye West ft. Jay Z, Rick Ross & Nicki Minaj — Monster

It doesn’t take much to see why this banned/censored video will send chills down one’s spine.

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