“They [record labels] wanted to give me all this money up front but I’m like, keep the money. Let me be involved as a partner. And n***as couldn’t do that. And it’s not because the people at the label didn’t want to help me. It’s because the corporate structure of their companies would not allow ownership. And I’m offended by that. I called an audible and I withstood social pressure. I believed in my heart that I would be less of a man to not stand up for what I believed in. I felt like it was racist. Like, I don’t deserve some sh*t I just built by myself? You want to give me some money? Oh, because you don’t think I know what the asset is? You think I don’t understand where the real value is? Well I’m offended by that and my goal changed. I didn’t do a press release or tell nobody about it. I just let my demonstration speak. And now they’ve seen the first part of it with the Crenshaw sh*t. That’s just a small piece of what my plan is.”

Crenshaw was just phase on of Nipsey’s “I Am Proud 2 Pay” campaign, apparently.

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