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“While You Were Sleeping” exists purely to showcase quality indie and underground Hip-Hop/Rap releases that are regularly overlooked, under promoted or downright ignored by most supposed “Rap” or “Hip-Hop” sites.

This is mostly attributed to a lack of significant marketing and promotions monies at the disposal of these individual artists or their independent labels. In many instances much of it can just be chalked up to general lack of interest on the part of mainstream Rap sites and publications because they don’t think independent or underground Rap even deserves any attention because it isn’t “relevant” to them (relevant = generates enough money for them to care about it). They’ll claim they want to see Rap get back to what made it great during the Golden Eras but then they’ll turn their backs on the same Rap that meets all the criterion they claim they wish mainstream Rap had more of. I personally find their actions hypocritical, hence this feature every month.

How this NORMALLY works is I pick 10 indie/underground projects from the first half of a month and at the end of the month we post another 10 selections for a total of 20 albums a month. This particular month is an exception to the previous rule due to the fact I received & heard an overwhelming amount of quality music this month thus leading me to expand and showcase 30 albums instead, 15 now and 15 more next week. For that reason I unfortunately had to bypass write ups for each due to time constraints but the original format will return in November (unless it’s as loaded as October is).

If you missed the previous nine months of “While You Were Sleeping” you can just click here and feel free to revisit the previous WYWS installments at your own leisure. Now that we’ve gotten all of that out of the way? Let’s finally get down to business:

Here’s what you all may have missed, while you were sleeping…


Oddisee – The Beauty In All (Mello Music Group) 10.1.2013

PURCHASE LINKS: iTunes, Amazon, Fat Beats, UGHH & Mello Music Group  STREAMING LINKS: Bandcamp


House Shoes presents The Gift Vol. 1: NAMELESS (Street Corner Music/Fat Beats) 10.1.2013



Domo Genesis x Alchemist – No Idols (Chemistry Set) 10.1.2013



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