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Hey Philly rap fans, Drake was just looking out for your welfare. Reportedly, Drizzy cancelled his show in Philadelphia this past weekend (Saturday, Oct. 19) because of fear that a catwalk used during his show would malfunction and injure attendees. 

On Saturday night, the Would You Like A Tour? show in Philly was cancelled so last minute that fans were already seated in the venue, the Wells Fargo Center. It turns out the eleventh hour cancellation was because of the risk of death, allegedly.

Reports TMZ:

Drake’s people were vague as to why the rapper pulled the plug at the last minute, saying it was due to “unexpected technical issues.” Now we can translate — they were scared the catwalk that loomed over the stage would fall into the crowd.

The catwalk is a big part of the show. Drake walks back and forth on it and there was fear an electrical malfunction could cause a calamity.

The concert arena was filled with fans … waiting for an hour, when the plug was pulled and they were sent home.

Would You Like A Tour? has a date tonight in Montreal. Hopefully all the kinks will be worked out and the show goes on as planned. Check out photos from the show that did go as planned, in Pittsburgh, in the gallery.

Photo: Instagram

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