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It will be a sad day in Compton if DJ Quik decides to hang up his microphone for good. The veteran rapper/producer recently was dealt a major setback when he had some equipment stolen from his garage. “My son left the garage open when parked the Corvette,” he told in a recent interview.

“Just because we live in a White neighborhood doesn’t mean there ain’t thieves either. Somebody White took my mother—-king drum machine and tried to sell…”

You could sense the bitterness in his tone and all the frustration has festered to the point where the man born David Blake has had enough. He took to his Twitter account to announce a atom bomb: “It’s official. I’m selling all my equipment. Furthermore, I will not remix or engineer for anyone from this day forward. Thanks true Fans.”

It wasn’t that Quik didn’t prepare for an imminent theft. He went on further to explain on how he had backed up his hard drives, yet he broke down the harsh reality stating, “the hard drives were part of a set and when one of them dies, the other one dies too. So I’m going to sell it on Twitter when I get home.”

The MPC comes stocked with sounds used for Eminem, Jay Z, Truth Hurts and 50 Cent so the lucky buyer will be more than ahead of the curve. He’s said he wouldn’t even sell for over $3K.

DJ Quik has never been known to talk reckless but him ceasing to make remixes, engineer or music is a serious statement. Do you think he’ll follow through or does he need to sleep on it? Check out the tweets and watch his latest interview/rant and judge for yourself.

Photo: YouTube, Twitter

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