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Whether illegal or legal, everyone has their vices. When fame is added to the mix those desires and preferences can reach drastic heights. Even some of your favorite rappers can relate.

In a culture that is submerged in excess, partying, drugs and liquor, it is no surprise that some artists have succumb to their personal addictions and character flaws. Some are flaunted openly and others try to keep their indiscretions private. But in an age of technology where a push of a finger can have your business on blast, it is becoming seemingly harder to keep your business on the low like a Caesar.

With the recent news of R&B thug Chris Brown getting arrested for serving a photo bomber the fade in Washington D.C. and subsequently checking himself into an anger management facility, we thought of all the MC’s who can benefit from some treatment as well.

In the following pages you’ll find 11 rappers who need rehab in their life. While you’ll find a couple of the usual suspects, some of those who made the list may surprise you.

Let us know who needs the most help in the comments section.

Photos: ThisIs50, Instagram, Atlantic Records, Universal Records, Comedy Central, MTV

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