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It’s no secret that Drake loves his city but everybody knows that love is blind and it will take over your mind.

Serving as a brand extension of his beloved Toronto Raptors may have sounded like a good idea in hindsight, but if their editorial department are going to continue put out lullaby to entice their fans to buy tickets, maybe they should call the whole thing off.

The video openings up with angelic harps better suited for bedtime than basketball season. Drake easily takes up the bait, putting on his sexy tone to detail the culture of his city. “Growing up here, obviously there’s obviously a huge hockey culture,” Drake moaned. “And I think when the Raptors became this franchise that was beyond growing and we were getting star players and things were becoming more exciting.”

Not only is there nothing exciting about this clip but the Rap’s have a career record of 581-847. Their franchise is the epitome of struggle.

Have they never heard of a little song called “Worst Behaviour?” It’s already set to be a single. It would be wise to get the fans excited before they realize the Raptors suck as always.

Jimmy Kimmel needs to strike on this while the getting is good. Jump on over the other side and see the delusional video for yourself.

Photo: YouTube

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