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Urban legend told us selling beaucoup records in the industry before digital music was introduced was relatively easy.

The actual numbers tell us differently.

The scenario goes, the first album is a combination of desperation and fine-tuning so the reception is usually positive and it sells well.

On the second go-round, the downfall is typically predicted because lightning as we know, doesn’t usually strike the same spot twice.

Most MCs are usually on the decline in quality by the third album.

And a platinum certification? Holding your breath for one could be considered automatic suicide.

Still, rappers have been known to hit that million mark on their third opus. Whether it was a comeback effort or a last hurrah, it’s not impossible to achieve.

Which leads us to The Charm: 15 Rappers That Went Platinum On Their 3rd Album. Take a look of the list of rappers that made it over the double hump.

Aside from a few usual suspects, the names may surprise you.

Photo: Tony Love

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