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Drugs often lie at the sticky center of the scandals involving politicians, businessmen and even governments. Toronto mayor Rob Ford latest infraction has reignited the discussion about widespread corruption within political administrations.

The Twitterverse blew in two with reaction to Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s admission that he smoked crack cocaine. A well-known political goof, Ford has haphazardly stumbled from one personal controversy to the next since his election in 2010. Reports come down from the wire that a film, supposedly recorded by drug dealers, showed the mayor of Canada’s biggest city smoking out of what looked like a crack pipe.

With the video being flogged online to the highest bidder, Mr. Ford stoods his ground in dismissing the allegations. This isn’t the first time and won’t be the last that a leader, businessman or political figure won’t get busted for smoking rocks.

And while we will never know the extent to which narcotics affect our history, we take a look at 10 other politican drug scandals that starred members involved in central levels of government.

We start things off with the Mayor of Olive Hill, Kentucky:

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Danny Sparks

Sparks was arrested in November 2012 for allegedly selling pot to a police informant—in the parking lot of an elementary school, no less.

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