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Marion Barry, former D.C. mayor and current Washington councilman has been arrested yet again, this time being charged with misdemeanor stalking.

In Washington, on July 4, around 8:45 p.m., U.S. Park Police were flagged down by a woman who pointed at Barry, 73, sitting in another car. She told the officers that Barry was stalking her, according to Park Police spokesman Sgt. David Schlosser.

The councilman would then be taken into custody by the officers where he was processed and released. He currently has to make a court appearance for the alleged charge in front of the Superior Court Thursday.

Natalie Williams, the spokeswoman for Barry, has stated that the accusation has no grounds and that they plan to fight the charge. She added that the accuser is a woman that Barry had aided financially prior to this incident.

Williams has also stated that Barry will available to address reporters today alongside his attorney.

In his time as mayor, Barry has served four terms. In 1990, during his third term, he was videotaped in a hotel room smoking crack in an FBI sting. This resulted in him being placed in prison for six months. He would later become mayor again in 1994.

He continued to have run-ins with the law when he was arrested in 2002 when traces of cocaine and marijuana were discovered in his vehicle after being stopped in Southwest D.C. This stop, however, did not result in any charges and Barry made claims of being set-up and that the narcotics were planted on him.

In 2004, Barry was awarded the position on the D.C. Council although he would continue to be on the wrong side of the law.

He would go on to accuse authorities of making him a personal target when he was pulled over by the Park Police for driving too slow in 2006. Prior to this incident, Barry was on probation since 2005 for not filing his income taxes for numerous years. Failing to file his return last year has extended his probation to 2011.

Aside from continuing to break the law, in May, Barry voted against a bill committing Washington D.C. to recognize same-sex marriage that was performed in another area stating that it went against his moral compass.

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