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Authorities are reporting a spike in gang activity on social networks like Twitter and Facebook, saying that several well known gangs are using the social networks to intimidate people and communicate gang related activities.

Gangs are reportedly using the sites to “cyber bully” or make threats as well as share information on rival gangs and meet members from across the country.

Thousands of arrests have been made based on information gained from the websites including the arrest of three gang members who were ousted by tweets on Twitter.

Agents say their latest tactics include posing as pretty girls on the sites and sending flirty messages and friend requests. They also report that they have informants that give them access to their accounts.

A recent case of social networking gone wrong took place in Los Angeles after agents say the speedy release of a gang member from jail led people to believe he was a police informant. They reported seeing a tweet from an account they were monitoring saying,

“We have a snitch in our midst.”

While the use of Twitter and Facebook is on the rise, police still say that Myspace is still gang member’s online avenue of choice.

Doesn’t everyone know the government can see everything? If you’re in a gang why would you post it on Twitter?