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With the exception of Olivia Pope, pretty much everybody on Scandal is disloyal. They’d sell each other up the river if necessary, but Liv needs the help of her shifty little group to find out more info on their new client: her mom.

On last night’s (Nov. 14) episode titled “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie” we found out that Liv isn’t the only one with parental issues, President Grant (Fitz) has his own father-related strife, as does his wife, Mellie.

Flashbacks and struggle wigs (this means you, Cyrus) provided us with a little more background into why everyone on this show– particularly Mellie– is so damn crazy. We learned how Cyrus got caught up in the Fitzgerald family spin cycle, and that the president treats his wife so badly because it’s in his blood.

As for Mellie, she’s used to lying so her husband can win elections, even if it means keeping a closed-mouth about being raped by her father-in-law, and possibly bearing his child.

This family is hella ridiculous.

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