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A Westminster, CO community is grieving today after the horrific news of a scorned man broke in his ex-girlfriend’s apartment to shoot his daughter before turning the gun on himself.

Merrick McKoy, 22, allegedly killed his 19-month-old daughter, Mia McKoy-Phanthavongsa after an argument with the child’s mother, Kim Phanthavongsa apparently drove him insane.

Moments before the shooting, he took to Facebook to justify his actions stating, “Don’t judge me had no choice.” He then turned the attention to Kim updating his status with, “I told u I can’t live without u lol u thought I was joking now me n Mia out this b*tch.”

The only kicker is McKoy survived his suicide attempt.

Via NYDailyNews

The little girl’s mother, Kimphone “Kim” Phanthavongsa, 21 had an active restraining order against McKoy following domestic violence incident. McKoy was charged with assault, burglary, trespassing and harrassment, ABC7 Denver reported.

Phanthavongsa, 21, frantically phoned police to report McKoy was in her Stuart St. apartment with a gun. The two had a heated argument and she stormed out on Monday.

Cops did not make it in time. McKoy shot the girl in the head and then turned the gun on himself. The father’s condition was not released.

The maternal family of the slain toddler were on the scene, trying to make sense of the inhumanity. “Why did he have to kill her?” was the statement Kim’s grandmother gave the press, per translation from other family members.

Condolences to every affected in this tragedy. Updates are pending upon McKoy’s condition status.

Photo: Denver Post, Facebook

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