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Police in Boca Raton, Florida are on the hunt for two men a 65-year-old grandmother says beat and dragged her while yelling racial slurs.

Ruby Williams says she was at a park fishing with friends when she went to go use the restroom.  She then says two men hit her from behind and called her a ni**er knocking her to the ground.

The two men then rolled the older lady over and while telling her that “her kind was not wanted there” punched her in the mouth before dragging her to an abandoned area of the park.

Williams says she then passed out and believes she was left for dead.

She has six stitches in her lip as well as bruising.

She describes both men as around 20-years-old, one with curly blonde hair and the other as a Hispanic man with dark hair.

SMH….anyone with informaton is asked to call police at 1-800-458-Tips.

Who would beat up an old woman?!