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An 18-year-old high school football star who was extremely popular around his Connecticut town has been charged with murder for stabbing Ron Taylor, Jr., his alleged gay lover, five times.

Tarence Mitchell told authorities that he and Taylor had been off and on for two years and when he tried to break contact with the elder gentleman, things got ugly. Mitchell initially made a statement saying two hooded men were responsible for the stabbing but later backtracked on his story.

It was also reported that Taylor was his pusherman; giving the teen alcohol and marijuana upon request.

Reports the Huffington Post

Mitchell told police that he was trying to distance himself from Taylor, and Taylor once posted a photo of Mitchell on Facebook with the caption “Bloomfield gay football player.” Though the photo was taken down, Mitchell told authorities that Taylor had threatened to repost it if Mitchell tried to disassociate himself again.

On Thursday, Taylor texted Mitchell, allegedly telling the teen that he was coming over and it “wasn’t going to end well,” NBC Connecticut reports.

Mitchell told police he felt threatened and armed himself with a knife. He allegedly stabbed Taylor after the 27-year-old punched him in the face. Police say Taylor tried to run away, but Mitchell chased him down and delivered the fatal stabbings. After police responded, Taylor was rushed to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

It’s a sad thing that two people’s lives had to end this way,” Jackie Harris, cousin of Taylor said to sum things up the best way she could. “We are really grieving.”

Doesn’t sound like there are any winners here. Proceed on to the gallery to see more pictures that surrounded the unfortunate situation.

Photo: WFSB, NBC, Facebook

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