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The consistency of Freddie Gibbs’ musical output has been barely without a blip and he’s still showing no signs of slowing down. His unapologetic lean towards the gangsta rap subgenre keeps fans with an appetite for the hardcore with full diets for redrum.

Another stray bullet to the Gangsta Gibbs discography has been released to YouTube in the form of “Deuces.” A lot of great things come in the form of two’s and this loosie is no different.

Lyrically, Freddie isn’t playing fair with the typical stutter-step cadences that most rappers are employing these days. His rapid-fire delivery harbors images of a uzi carelessly handled by amateur; leaving nothing but a pathway for destruction to commence in the open spaces that lie ahead.

Producer Young Chop’s choice in instrumentation has been equally consistent in elicited screw faces across the country. Along with Gibbs, he’s passed out tracks to Chief Keef, Alley and Soulja Boy (no relation) within the past year.

This aimless leak is symbolized by the infamous Tyson vs. Holyfield II. Y’know the one where Iron Mike mistook Evander’s ear for Twinkie.

Peep the track below and try not to incite a riot. As most kids say these days, it goes pretty hard.

Photo: Instagram