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In case you haven’t figured it out by now, Kanye West is a perfectionist.

Whether he’s searching for the answers or greeting his adoring public, everything has to be just right.

This past Saturday (November 30.) in Tampa, Fla, there were plenty of glitches in his matrix that allegedly caused him to lose his cool. Reportedly, the gamma ray lasers that shot out of the lasers “sucked.” And apparently his LED image on the big screen was unauthorized to be in color.

One monkey isn’t supposed to stop the show but apparently someone named “Laura” was up to her neck in bananas and Kanye halted his performance until he was royally pleased.

Via NYDaily News:

The masked West was beginning to belt out his third song into the show when he asked the music to stop and began ranting about the sound levels being off.

The “Black Skinhead” singer addressed someone named Laura for not giving him a “deep voice” through his microphone — and allegedly he was also less than pleased by the LED screen showing his face in the wrong color.

The bothered West asked that the lights be shut off “now,” followed by some explicit language directed at his crew.

Once the technical difficulties were fixed, West returned to stage and hyped up the crowd by singing his track, “Send It Up.”

Something tells us that this Laura character and Sway Calloway could become fast friends over a Sunday brunch.

Check out a few flicks of his Tampa performance and the 12-minute long video where he ranted to the melody of his hit, “Runaway.”

Yes, it was in Auto-Tune.

Photo: Christopher Polk, YouTube

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