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The little kid in all of us is always trying to revert back to childhood ways while still functioning as an adult.

Shaun Neff’s new collaboration with Disney is a worthy demonstration of such a case.

Neff headwear has been fashionably covering the domes of professional snow and skateboarders for sometime now and it’s time for them to expand their horizons. In a recent press release, Shaun Neff was quoted saying, “We’re raising the bar with this collection. To work with such an amazing company like Disney, is really a dream come true. Disney holds a very special place in my heart as it does for so many other people, and to have my name sitting next to the most iconic brand and characters in the world puts a huge smile on my face.”

The Founder and CEO wasn’t hyperbolizing his sentiments, either. The new limited edition collection features the legendary Mickey Mouse printed an array of shirts, sweatshirts, headwear and watches. The number 28 on the gear symbolizes “1928” as in the year the iconic character was thought up by Walt Disney. Groovy.

If you don’t live by a retailer, no need to fret. The collection is sold at Neff headwear’s special hub as well as

Check out the gallery to see a nice-sized sample of what the collection has to offer.

Photo: Neff

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