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The importance of an artist having utmost confidence on the product that they are pushing is extremely vital.

It is also necessary that there is a creative safe haven in which said product can be created effectively.

With his third LP, Underground Luxury set to hit stores in less than a week and numerous mixtapes under his belt to boot, it’s a fair assumption to say B.o.B knows a bit about inserting the correct pieces to construct the perfect puzzle.

The ATLien star de jour recently spoke to Hip-Hop Wired exclusively about his sentiments surrounding his new baby that’s due December 17.

“Out of every album, every mixtape, every body of work, I’ve had the most fun making this [Underground Luxury]. I just allowed myself to relax and have fun,” he tells Hip-Hop Wired. “Whatever you put into your music and how you feel when you make it, the audience is going to feel the same way.”

Not for nothing, the records leading up to what eventually became the finished product authenticate Bobby Ray’s opinion to be much more than just a generalized statement. The album’s backbone, “We Still in This B***h” was released in October–of 2012 and it still jumpstarts parties nationwide. And the copious amounts of T&A found in the “Headband” video don’t indicate that creating that visual would be considered a chore.

Even with already-proven singles and a few gaining product placements, there’s one record in particular that B.o.B. ranks high on his charts. A subtle Journey sample and newcomer Priscilla Renea’s golden voice transforms “John Doe” into an inspirational anthem that’s likely to put a stronghold on radio stations.

When asked about the semblance behind the track, B.o.B perks up a bit, stating “‘John Doe’ is a record that’s so real, it just reaches out and grabs you. A lot of songs on the album are great but [it] reaches through the concept of music and becomes something bigger than that. Priscilla Renea and Jethro originally created the track and I put the music and drums to it but I had to rewrite it like six times to get it right.”

Sometimes precision is the best execution.

B.o.B.’s Underground Luxury is available for pre-order on iTunes now.

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