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It’s hard out here for the significant other of a pimp a.k.a. a successful rapper.

After winning the coveted prize of being thee chosen one out of an endless sea of video vixens and model schemers, they have to endure with cheating allegations, extended alone time and most likely, a hedonistic lifestyle. If Love & Hip-Hop has taught us anything, it’s that a ring (or promise to get one) isn’t the end-all, be-all to your relationship issues. Just ask Frodo.

Lil Wayne’s ex-wife, Toya Wright recently found herself in the back of a police cruiser after Atlanta cops noticed she had a warrant out for her arrest due to missing a separate court date.

This type of reckless behavior can’t be blamed on Lil Wayne per se, but Lord knows that the duties of being a ride-or-die chick will alter your public image, usually for the worst.

Poor Toya wasn’t the first rapper-affiliated “shawty” to be in cuffs and she definitely won’t be the last. Sad, really.

We dug deep in our mental Rolodex and found 10 rapper wives who have been arrested for this, that and the third-degree misdemeanor. With trends like this, VH1 is never going out of the rapper-exploitation business.

Hit the gallery to see all of those beautiful mugshots.

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