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“Viva La Revolucion, America is where I’m from/ Home of the atomic bomb/ Home of the free, home of the gun…”

Slip-N-Slide’s Duece Poppi has just released his tribute to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti called “My Prayer For Haiti… Viva La Revolucion.”

Currently preparing his long awaited debut Animal House which will be dropping this summer and will include the hit singles “My White Friends” and “Go Poppi Go,” Duece released the track exclusively to Hip-Hop Wired and spoke on the uplifting song.

“Entertainment is good but I made something for over there because it’s real serious. Haiti is fu&%ed up right now so I had to do my part. What I did may not be as strong financially as these other ni**as but I bet mine is stronger musically than any other. And I’m not talking about just Haiti in the song, I’m talking about all nations that’s in the storm. Because we don’t know if we gonna be one of them nations in the storm in a minute and as a global community we got to help each other.”

Duece also spoke on giving the song away and hoping proceeds from it can be used to help his fellow Caribbean brothers. He added,

“I’m not Haitian but a lot of people think that I am because on my first song “Shut Up” with Trick and Trina, I said ‘What’s up with the Haitians’ and I wear the Haitian flag because I grew up around a lot of Haitians but actually I’m half American and half Trinidadian. So I’m a lil’ bit farther south but it’s the Caribbean and we all stand together when it comes to that. I plan on shocking the world on how raw it is first. Then I plan on taking any suggestions and we can put it on an album for Haiti or a free placement somewhere but I don’t want anything for it. I just want it to be an inspiration. It’s an international global joint and it’s gonna be big.”

The track also features Bruce Wayne of Duece’s new group N.W.M. (Ni**as With Money.) The bi-lingual MC hails from Durango, Mexico and also spits some revolutionary fire.

Duece Poppi feat. Bruce Wayne – “My Prayer For Haiti… Viva La Revolucion.”