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Atlanta’s native son, Clifford “T.I.” Harris was proclaiming himself to be king long before he had a platinum album. With his apparent flair and knack for creating music that performed well in commercial and urban markets, he never saw a great deal of backlash for his cockiness.

Since he comes from experience, ThisIs50’s Jack Thriller asked “The Kang” to offer up his opinion on Trinidad James’ recent New York comments.

“This is not a derogatory statement towards Trinidad, but [he] can’t speak for me and since I am a part of Atlanta, I don’t think it’s adequate that he speak for the entire population of Atlanta.”

The superstar was clear not to word his statement as a diss, continuing with “With all due respect, I don’t think he’s come that far and walked that walk to enough–yet to where that would be accepted without ridicule.”

This past November, the “All Gold Everything” rapper had a stream of visionary consciousness when he announced that the South ran the Hip-Hop streets of The Big Apple. Naturally that didn’t go to well as the entire A$AP Mob accused him of trolling and struggle rappers such as Mysonne and Papoose jumped at the opportunity to associate themselves with the incident.

T.I. was in the concrete jungle for bigger reasons than to discuss the whole that Trinidad dug, however. He recently a new coffee table book, The Book of Kings, Vol.1 and had an extravagant party to celebrate the event.

The Hustle Gang head honcho has appeared to be regaining his focus towards the music as well. Since signing with Columbia Records, he recently announced that he was changing the name of his Trouble Man album, and most likely its musical direction.

In the meantime, watch the full interview of Tip’s golden words of wisdom for Mr. James down below.

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