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TIME magazine has finally realized something that Hip-Hop fans have known for years. The magazine has chosen the Roots drummer and Hip-Hop renaissance man Questlove as its Coolest Person of 2013.

Past selections have included the likes of James Franco and Lena Dunham, but the former B.R.O.ther? Is way cooler.

Says TIME:

Questlove, the drummer of the alt-hip-hop band the Roots, dropped bits of coolness everywhere this year. He wrote two cool books, Mo’ Meta Blues—a smart postmodern memoir—and a coffee-table book chronicling Soul Train, the show so cool that my dad, in a failed attempt to prevent me from growing up to be a dork, forced me to watch it as a child. He composed the music for Comedy Central’s very cool Inside Amy Schumer. His website, Okayplayer, which allows alternative musicians to create songs together online, made the dopest Christmas sweater ever. Every Thursday night, he deejays at a bowling alley in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. And since the Roots are Jimmy Fallon’s house band, he’s about to become the bandleader on The Tonight Show. He also deejayed at 13 weddings this year, including that of 2013 Coolest Person runner-up Pharrell Williams. We picked Questlove over Williams because there’s no song titled “Last Night a Recently Married Guy Saved My Life.”

Ever the gentleman, when TIME made them aware of his selection, he suggested that Kanye West would be a better pick. But TIME wasn’t having it.

But Kanye West tries so hard, whereas Questlove exudes cool comfort. Also, if we picked Kanye, he couldn’t interrupt this column and claim the honor for himself, which we’re kind of hoping happens.

Also, Quest will be appearing on Top Chef this Wednesday, December 18.

Salute to Questlove for effortlessly keeping Hip-Hop in America’s livings room on weeknights and via all his aforementioned endeavors, without beating you in the head about how much of a musical genius.