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The planet of Inglewood turned out in full for one of their own rising stars this past weekend, December 15. Skeme gave an Ingleworld Eve party at the Diamond Supply Co. store located at 451 N. Fairfax Ave. in Los Angeles. The shindig was complete with free Hennessy and a host of friends and family supporting the burgeoning artist in a major way with simply their presence and genuine headnods.

There has never been a new release from a rapper where they don’t claim to be taking their music to the next level or some sort of associated horseradish. Upon arrival to the boutique, Skeme didn’t pound his chest to proclaim his new album to be better than the next man’s, especially in the midst of the current West Coast resurgence. Instead, he opted to greet every single patron personally for showing up right before giving DJ Base the greenlight to push play on what naturally sounds like a breakout effort not only compared to his previous material, but in a rising star’s light of its own.

A triumphant melody and catchy chorus on the single “Different” turned the listening to an actual party but it was the hook’s lyrics, “Now just take one look it/you can tell this sh!t different…” that ironically summarized the project as a whole. Even the ardent MC’s son seemed to enjoy himself–the best way an infant child possibly can at a Hip-Hop listening.

The Skeme on Ingleworld not only commands tracks with industry-established artists such as Wale and Iggy Azalea, but his songwriter skills for his reality rap lane are so apparent, it almost seems effortless.

“Millions” also served as an album torch-bearer and judging from the audience’s reaction, it stands as an anthem for the hood rich where as the K. Roosevelt-assisted “What You Wanted” reveals that Skeme is naive that ladies love Hip-Hop all the same.

Ingleworld also features production from Boi-1da, THC, Sean Momberger and appearances from Dom Kennedy and Nipsey Hussle. It’s available on iTunes right this minute.

If you missed the Diamond Supply hearing, don’t trip. You can stream the album entire album via Spotify and as you listen, click through the gallery to see exactly how it went down.

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