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Last night, The Arsenio Hall Show hosted newcomer Chance The Rapper, who performed his Acid Rap track “Chain Smoker.” Before taking the stage, the young MC spoke with Arsenio Hall on topics ranging from the violence in Chicago to why rappers should unionize.

On the latter, Chance said, “That’s what I’m really what I’m looking at working on in 2014.” He continued, “Rappers need dental, rappers need health. There’s certain benefits that don’t come with being an artist and it’s mainly rappers.”

Chance, who’s still independent, described the current trend of signing to a label with hopes of becoming popular enough to found a label of your own is nothing but a pyramid scheme. “No one really knows what they’re signing when they’re signing those deals,” he explained.

In closing, these were Chance’s words: “A label is cool; everybody wants to have a label, but it we could just start a union, I think it would definitely work for the best.”

Hear Chance The Rapper and Arsenio Hall speak below. The footage of the live performance is on the following page.

Photo: YouTube

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