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Is Ghostface Killah trying to beat Peter Gunz out for the reality show womanizer crown? That’s what it’s looking like in the extended trailer for the new season of VH1’s Couples Therapy.

In the clip, we see Ghostface Killah asked if the other woman knows about Kelsey Nykole. “Umm, now she does,” says the Wallabee Champ.

We then cut to a visual of Ghost Deini sitting in between two women. The look of struggle on his face, and the sigh, is priceless. Also, the therapist calls him a “bomb that just keeps detonating in women’s faces.” Clearly, she’s never heard “Camay” or “Ice Cream”? Don’t play her “Wildflower,” though.

Watch the extended trailer for Couples Therapy, whose new season kicks off January 2 at 9 pm, below. You damn right we’ll be tuning in.