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Now that the holiday break is over, the Mac Miller takeover can commence.

If you thought his output in 2013 was a thing to behold (3 mixtapes, two albums; one which was Wired 25-worthy) then you haven’t seen anything yet. Mr. Miller recently told MTV that he has four albums that contain at least seven songs each and all should be ready to go come next December 31.

Whether or not they will be free download or retail is obviously yet to be determined but the one Mac is leaning on to be the lead studio effort (his third if you’re still counting) came about quite randomly.

“The one that I actually think is going to be the next Mac Miller album was kind of like an accident…which is dope,” he explained to MTV’s Rob Markman. “But I’m going to make music and I’m going to capture every aspect of being human being.”

While the last quote seems a bit scatterbrained, the contrasting dynamics in each of his projects from the previous years helps defragment his incoherent thoughts a bit. The colorful aesthetics of Watching Movies with the Sound Off were more centered towards typical Hip-Hop standards but the Halloween release of Delusional Thomas and Stolen Youth were more of an off-kilter package from the Pittsburgh rapper. Thus, giving a five-dimensional perspective from his mind. Even if it actually took five projects to do so.

“Everybody is just a blend of everybody so I’m going to sit here and speak for everyone,” he continued.

Go head and marinate of that while you watch the clip below and hop to the next page where he tells Markman about his near-brush with luck in nabbing his “Suplexes Inside of Complexes and Duplexes” co-star, Jay Electronica for another collaboration. That guy is like a leprechaun. Blink once and he’s out of your sight.

Photo: MTV

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