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It’s nothing for a rapper to get shelved these days. As albums from top-notch talent continue to collect dust, these ten acts are just the latest in a long line of delays that managed to not drop in 2013.

Whether it’s the industry malaise or Industry Rule #4080, the major label artist still has trouble dictating when the public sees the efforts of their hard work.

Oftentimes, there isn’t a clearly defined hit in the mix, or the public just doesn’t see this act as viable. Other times, the artist just believes that there is some fine-tuning needed before letting it his the airwaves.

Either way, music fans end up on the short stick and miss out on hearing some new music because that project never was given the light of day. Although we were blessed with some incredible albums last year, we were really waiting on these.

So here, we highlight some of the most noteworthy records that were scheduled to drop in 2013, but didn’t. Enjoy!

Photo: Complex

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