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Tyga is as flashy as you would expect any 20-something rapper to be so his latest act of self-gratification should come as no surprise, regardless of the gift carrying a gaudy price tag.

TMZ is reporting the Young Money rapper went all out on his new purchase: a 2014 Maybach 62 S Landaulet convertible. The pearl white beauty cost him $1.3M but that isn’t the half. Literally.

A visit to famed automotive styling center West Coast Customs to deck out the interior and add a 40-inch TV screen added another million bucks to the bill.

If anything, it will make for the perfect vessel to blare out his latest mixtape, Well Done 4.

At 24-years-young, Tyga is living the American Dream just as any kid of the culture should. The mother of his child, Blac Chyna is good friends with Kim Kardashian and Tyga recently made use of her hubby by hitting the studio with Kanye West.

He shared a photo on Instagram of them together in the studio stating, “Raww x Yeezus.” The photo has since been deleted but these Internets have a way of being a Hotel California for pictures.

No word on what they’ve cooked up but for now, check the gallery for all the flicks of Tyga’s sweet, new ride.

Photo: Instagram, TMZ

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