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It is not a secret that Dwight Howard’s stint with the Los Angeles Lakers wasn’t the most enjoyable for either party. Now that the All-Star center is comfortably posting up with the Houston Rockets with a 23-13 record, it was only a matter of time before the bad blood started to simmer in the pressure cooker.

Only it wasn’t Superman who cast the first stone. It was his live-in baby mama Christine Vest.

It’s also no secret that Dwight Howard has a habit of impregnating his girlfriends, often leaving a trail of messy results.

Nonetheless, Christine was out to prove she was ride or die and took to her Instagram account to post herself in a hoodie which read “Laker Hater” in Houston Rocket colors, complete with Howard’s name embroidered on the back.

Naturally, the Laker Nation gave her 140 characters of the honest opinion. From “gold digging whore” to just a straight-up female dog, Ms. Vest saw it all.

The aspiring musician realized her mentions were in shambles and offered up a cop-out stating, “I sincerely apologize to all if the Laker fabs that i’ve clearly hurt in some way by wearing a fun ‘laker hater’ hoodie to the game.”

Sticks and stones break bones but their words were pretty hurtful (at least from our end). Check the gallery for Christine’s “Laker Hoodie” selfie and all the mean-o-things those Laker fans can say when their team isn’t cream of the crop.

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Photo: Twitter, Instagram

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