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Who says alcohol always has to lead to trouble? A resourceful Houston firefighter is being praised for his quick-thinking after he doused a burning 18-wheeler’s flames with six packs of Coors Banquet.

Apparently the “world’s Coldest Tasting Beer” stands up rather nicely against fire.

Capt. Craig Moreau was traveling back home from Austin, TX with his wife on Monday, January 6 whem they stumbled upon a driver whose truck’s brakes were emitting billows of smoke.

Since beer is techincally “watered down,” it came in handy for the steamy situation.

Reports NBC

Just then, the tire exploded, Moreau said. Acting fast, he ordered the driver to open the truck and toss him some tallboys.

“I shook them up, and popped a top one at a time until the fire was out and the brakes were cool,” Moreau wrote.

“Thankfully they were tallboys. I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of it all, he was so shaken up that the humor escaped him.”

Houston Fire Chief Terry Garrison said he has no problem fighting blazes with brews — if that’s all that’s available.

“I support the extinguishment of fire, no matter what the cost,” Garrison said in a statement.

It’s a feel good story for a city that has been battling a strangely high number of fires with just ten days into the year.

Peep the gallery for pics of the semi-truck–which didn not explode. Nobody was injured. Nobody blew over the legal limit, either.

Photo: The Houston Chronicle

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